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Monday, June 18

fantastic 4 is cool ok.

yah so i met up with the hokkien gang once again. having no clue that so many would turn up. lol. all 9 of them including me. yup. so i was the earliest to reach harbourfront mrt (nothing new cos i dont like to be late). yah. took bus 10 which was a VERY long ride, but in the end still reach the earliest. then yenly,linda,sarah,qingling,yining came shortly after. went to buy tickets first cos hongiap, his friend and danny was late. ate lunch at yoshinoya then went straight to the cinema.

sarah gave the ticket guy 9 tickets. but when we sat down, that guy came in and asked for our tickets cos he thought some of us sneaked in due to the fact that there was so many people and that he didnt have the initiative to check the number of tickets in the first place. yah. he then realised his mistakes soon after and left, but only to come back AGAIN cos he found out that yining and i sneaked in starbucks drinks..-.- to give him some face cos he was doing his job, we decided to let them safe keep our drinks and get it back after the show. but of cos the drink wasn't a frap anymore, it was just a drink..

dinner was at Carl's jr. everyone was trying really hard to finish the burger. yenly was the first to finish. yining gave up eating eventually while i finished it in a slow pace. hong giap's burger was so big, he had troubles biting it. lol. overall it was quite funny during dinner..

we then sat at some chair in the middle of some place, where we talked for maybe an hour or so. lol. we then left the place since yining said she wanted to go home for maybe 1045930 times. so we left. we all took a train back. reached home about 10.45 or so. well.. at least i enjoyed myself, and i cant believe i stayed within vivocity and harbourfront for the whole day since 1.. goodness.. its like going to work.. -.- was thinking of popping by MS but it was rather late. so didnt bother to in the end.

well, i'm gonna get some work done tomorrow.. then i'll meet the office people on wednesday, then watch concert on thursday, then i'm not gonna go out anymore. except for erhu lesson.. zzz. i'm broke lah.. :(







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