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Thursday, June 7

its like everyone's complaining to each other about how difficult it is to study this or that.. i'm experiencing the same thing.. RAWR~ to who ever says poly life is easy.. screw you.. but poly friends are fun though.. :)

my house is so freaking quiet without my dog(abbey) around.. gosh.. i miss her so.. she's stuck at the clinic, cos she just had an operation to be sterilised.. yeah.. my dad doesnt want to go through the trouble of taking care of puppies anymore.. i guess it'll be better for abbey too. she's getting old.. and fat maybe.. crap.. i love her still.. :D

it's my last paper for term test tomorrow.. its funny.. the way they arranged the schedule for the exams, was from the easiest to the most difficult. thanks a lot TP.. it really helped.. i'm just taking time off from studying to blog.. bad me.. i'm supposed to be studying.. -.-

had lunch at parkway with classmates, ate the giant plate of chicken chop at banquet.. then it was off to playing pool.. sheesh.. we were supposed to be studying. but i left earlier to meet yining, so i have no idea what time they ended.. lol. so yining and i headed straight to coffeebean once again. i looked through my notes while she was busy cooking. lOL. now she's addicted.. hahar.. eddie~ i can get full marks lehh.. hahaha.. but of course, it was in the afternoon, so my attention span was not that long. i got bored of studying after a while. lol. so decided to continue studying at home instead. we walked around. swissbake to the arcade, arcade to rusty, and rusty to the bench outside of rusty. sat down and ate the sandwich prepared by yining's colleague. not bad lah.. then walked again. bought a piar of jeans from giordano which was on 50% off.. alright i guess.. no more shopping from now on. at least no more shopping without my mum..LOL.. i'm broke. seriously broke. no income, expensive busfare, drawing money all the time for allowance, my money's going down.. i need to work. but in 2 weeks, sheesh.. nothing much i can do, it'll just wizz pass like the wind.. T.T i should just skip meals everyday and eat fingerfood instead..

and oh.. melinda now knows who eddie is.. huahaha.. *grins..

Shared services barbecue on saturday. wooo..







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