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Wednesday, June 20

meet up with the south 1 people and brenda.. haha. so fun lah. we had a really long dinner at Noodle Hut in Harbourfront Centre. Very nice meal lah. they serve some really good la-mian which cost around $7+ per person. its quite filling for me but wenguang was still hungry.. SOOO.. we went to buy Vinco Donuts!!! YAYNESS LAH.. i missed those donuts. i remember boss lauren bought some during month end, and we all ate happily. gosh.. i miss working in MS, so many good food.. should have taken a picture of it at home, but by the time i thought of doing do, it was nearly gone cos my family were busy munching away.haha.. but anyways, had a great time with them over dinner. pengboon and brenda are both food critics leh. one traditional chinese food cum hawker level, one high end classy restaurant level sial. they way they talk about food made us realise how much we're missing out. hahaha. and yes, we shall go together on a "Shi Zi Lu Kou" trip.. hahaha.. steady bo? and kimmm, you are skinny lahhh... :)

haha. popped by at MS before leaving for dinner. seems like everyone noticed i cut my hair.. -___- how interesting. played 2 rounds of foozball.. hahaha.. seems like i haven't lost my touch. but this was for fun lah. haha. no one challenge me.. x)

went back to BDS to collect my CO camp tickets. haha.. played around for a while also. heh. so dumb.. attendance was so pathetic.. ohhh cant wait for the concert tomorrow.. wee.. and i think i should go back to Changkat for combined practice. its been a while since i attended, so yah.. maybe i should..
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