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Sunday, June 24

SHIT YOU ALICE! screw you and your wonderland.. F.O man. lol. week 10 will be the last of alice. until then, NO MORE FREAKING ALICE!

i cracked my brains the whole night just to understand the use of parameters in a world class method. wtf? thank you very much bao lin for explaining something so stupid/time-consuming like parameters to me. very very much appreciated. now i'm left with If/else thingy.. aiyah.. this project is a goner anyways.. i dont pin much hope on it..

anyways. thanks to YINING, i spent money AGAIN. i'm not gonna go out with her ANYMORE. why? cos i'm always SPENDING money whenever SHE IS AROUND. yeah ning, thanks a lot.. lol. we both got a blouse, she got an extra pair of shorts. ARGH! from today onwards, unless its a term break, I'M GONNA REJECT YINING'S INVITATION TO GO OUT SHOPPING! yeah.. which reminds me, since school starts as of monday, it shouldn't be the case of yining asking me out right? i'm sure she has a lot of studying to do. she aspires to be an air-con vent expert thingy. although she doesn't admit that those squarish things on ceilings of shopping centers of which she claims are "diffusers", which are also known as air-conditioners. lol.

a new term begins. dang.. i wanna go to a land filled with joy, and joyness.. i wanna go on an adventure..







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