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Sunday, June 10

yes amanda, today was YAY! and yah.. see u soon eh? i'll prolly meet u guys of south 1 for lunch one day.. weee.. and no, that xiao wan zi thingy is not say very cute.. fenn's kid is cuter.. hahaha..

so the day with colleagues was super fun..

met up with the 3 of them at ECP at 1+++pm, they rented bike while i cycled.. =.= chiong after them like siao. met ky while on the way back.. woo got my pay. :D yah then skate back.. nearly died.. THE WEATHER SO FREAKING HOT LAH.. so went to mandarin garden to watch them play tennis. played a bit. but the weather got so hot i didnt want to play any more.. after tennis, weihao went swimming, estee and trina dunno go where, while i went home to take a NICE SHOWER.. then went back again for bbq. BBQ was nice lah.. met up with everyone else which was super great. my team, lynn, and yonghan.. even fenn brought her son.. haha. super cute lah. everyone's attention was drawn to the 2 kids there (gio's son and fenn's son). haha. ate, joked about, and joked about more.. i even went to the playground with amanda, estee and weihao to entertain gio's son.HAHA. well, everything had to end by 10pm, cos that's what they said was, the guard will come chase them away at 10. ZZ.. so ok lor. i directed the others to the bus stop.. they took bus home while i walked..I STAY SO NEAR LAH.. :) bought a cone of ice cream on the way back.. so shiok.

i had fun lah.. :) at least i've added another example to the classic collection of amanda's. hohoho..

Bonnie: wah~ Mand*'s getting MARRIED HUH? (looks at weihao)


weihao: -_- (sianed look)

everyone elaborates more on that.

amanda: who's Mand*?

everyone: someone from MS..

then everyone talks about something which i've forgotten..

amanda: HUH? u mean he's related to her?

silence please..


-___-" another classic eh wenguang? hahaha..

the internet had some errors earlier. so i waited and used the computer only now.. its 1.05am now, and i'm still wide awake.. i've got erhu tomorrow morning.. zz. must wake up earlier to practice.. gosh..







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