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Tuesday, July 17

alas, a meet up with a part of all the temp staffs of microft. pictures still not yet available, still waiting for them to send me. hoho. BUT, we had damn load of fun. hawhawhaw..

met up with kimmm and wg at bras basah mac first. i was there getting some work done while waiting, since they had orientation. then suddenlt they called and said they would meet up with me there. so i asked.

me: "you all zhao orientation is it?"

kimmm: "huh? no lahh. we lost our group."

me: "are u sure? both of u lost your group together?"

kimmm: "really~! *followed by a series of giggles.."

lol. funny stuffs. so after a while they were right infront of me. we then decided to transition to MindsCafe opposite of Paradiz centre..lol. damn fun place i must say. played some games there, all of them quite fun, especially "Uglydoll" aka. kimmm's favourite aka. the "brain" game. LOL. Amanda came a little later. we then transitioned once again to Plaza Singapura to meet Estee and Shawn. Kevin was a little late. Dinner was at Manhattan Fish Market. WOOT! platter for 2 was the bomb.. hohoho. we had too much food left, so the favourite game comes out. the number game - "Zhong ji mi ma". lol. losers help finish up the food. we were planning to make Amanda eat up all the food but end up she ate twice only. lols. we then went back to MindsCafe again.HAHA. played Uglydoll again. now Amanda agrees that its a "brain" game too.. -.- WELL, by showing pictures would be a better option to show how much fun it is, but i haven't got them yet. so too badddd.. hoho. and Amanda has done lots of stupid things along the way. HOHOHO. i've been waiting for this day to come, to see Amanda and her classics..HAHA.. wg, we have yet to make a compilation of ALL her classic acts leh..

"you all don't try to escape arh~ we got pictures of your faces taken ok!" - Security guard at SMU.







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