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Saturday, July 7

attention C161, although i highly believe that most/majority/none of you will see this, still, i want to advertise a bit..LOL. eh. Class jersey, Adidas, dry-fit material, limited stock in whole of sg, white base with blue lining, includes name and number. price will be $30 as according to those mentioned earlier. if u guys want to have a logo in the front, then it'll cost $33 but i think no point lah. i'll try to get a photo of it to show u guys. can or not please let me know via msn or in school. please let me know asap as i want to confirm everything as early as possible. thank you very much.

lol. i took a break from blogging. reason because i'm too lazy to, and that my life this whole week has been rather stagnant, monotonous and boring.. yeah. nothing interesting really.. met up with Yining so many times this week. even this afternoon when we went queensway to check out the jersey AGAIN.. but anyways, dinner was at fish and co. with the C161 pals. to celebrate Gerald's birthday in advance. enjoyed my myself as well as the seafood platter i shared with Melinda. woot. nice nice.. the "Lime goggie" is a nice drink, except i feel that the flavour of the drink should be stronger than the taste of alcohol. it'll taste much better i think. it'll be better if it has sprite in it.. hoho.. we sort of sabo-ed Gerald today, by making him feel damn paiseh lol.. Melinda went to tell the staffs that it was Gerald's birthday, so they sort of like help us plan the celebration. so after our meals, they made him stand on a chair with a stick of sparkle, and then sang him a really loud birthday song. i think he really felt damn paiseh. haha. he didn't see that coming. hoho. so fun lah.. we went to play pool after dinner. crapped around as usual.. haha.

"you guys are the most nonsense friends i know lah.. *laughs" - Gerald Lim.

i owned i-sketch on friday night. hoho..

happy 17th birthday Gerald! :)







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