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Sunday, July 1

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went for breakfast with the classmates on friday morning at tampines mall. everywhere was closed. we wanted to eat long john silvers but it was breakfast menu then (sucks quite a lot). so we decided to head for breakfast at macs which was wonderful. but on our way down, we stumbled upon this:

frozen chicken outside the restaurant. like what the hell? so unhygienic lah.. because of this chicken right, i'm not gonna go to that place anymore, in tampines mall only. :) and ye sheng's feet isn't meant to be in the picture.. lol.

we then went back to school after that, waited damn freaking long for the bus and we thought we would be late but obviously we were wrong. CMSK was weird. Email writing prep test. if it was email writing, why do we have to write it out since emails are written with the keyboard? ok that doesnt make any sense, but yeah.. why? anyway, we had WDS lab afterwards. our teacher couldnt make it at that time so she got some random guy to take over the class. he talked a bit but then left the rest of the lessons to ourselves (that was like 15 mins after he talked). so yah. we got bored, and guess what most of the people in my class was playing? FerryHalim - Orisinal - Winterbells.. AHAHAHA.. i played too.. and set a new personal record for myself. LOL.

zhi kiat was mad lah. he got so engrossed in playing, that he made his own unbreakable record. 150+MILLION! yah. million, not thousand. zomg.. "this game is unbreakable~"

went to Parkway some days back. cant remember when. sat at coffeebean again and played cooking mama. played a few rounds of daidi 1V1..LOL so hilarious. we were that bored.. then we walked about. but this time we managed to control ourselves and not buy anything..HAHA. we can do it! but anyway, just for teasers..

who is this mad woman who resorts to putting cards infront of her face to take a picture? no prize for winners.

Adventure Learning Programme (ALP) in school. i regretted turning up for the event. it was so disappointing lah. quite boring and all. if they want to organise this kinda stuffs, they should have a stay in camp instead. that way, nobody would complain and nag that they want to go home to cry and stuff. it's all about teamwork and all.. it was all about the sun lah. damned sun.. sent the rehearsals for NDP - largest human flag, was nonsensical lah.. lol. we were there sun-tanning, eating ice-cream and fooling around. lol. ate at marina square follow by a pool session.
sent the hong kong relatives off as well. i miss them lah. havent seen them for some time. i'm hoping to go to hong kong the next holiday. for visiting and all.. oh and shopping..*grins.. but it'll be wintertime by then. so nothing to shop.. =( ANYWAY! inrtoducing Marcus Lau! ta daa..
ain't he cute? haha. 3 yr old marcus. he's my grandma's sister's son's son's son. LOL. go figure the relation of him and me.. i dont know myself either. can someone tell me? lOL.. yah. this kid is damn smart lah. drink yakult throw away in the dustbin by himself. haha. so clean. then his cantonese DAMN CUTE! the way he talks lah. haha. so cute so cute! his dad studied in sg some 10 years plus ago.. i was around this age when he took care of me. now he's a dad with a son of 3 yrs.. haha. time really flies eh.. gosh.. and this kid took my yakult! but then he gave me a hug after that.. so i'm fine. haha!

and then its today. erhu lessons in the morning was alright. managed to memorise the song (after so long). then had some minor problem here and there. no issues i guess.. then went for kah-yah-king this afternoon. met up with the rest at kallang sea sport club. they paddled all the way to the esplanade while i was away, and came back all tired due to the strong current..HAHA. heng i nv go.. if not sure die there.. i REFUSED to do any capsize drills, eskimo bow rescue or what so ever today, cos of the waters. everyone knows what sort of water the kallang river is. apparently the people staying in the west, north, north east, all dunno..LOL. so i was kind enough not to tell them while they were having fun splashing around (swimming) in the waters while they try and capsize one an other. i was smart enough to stay far away from them lah.. LOL. i like the headquarters there. so nice and clean. under the bridge summore. but i dont like the waters there. although changi isn't any better.. but still, eee yer.. i want to go MacRitchie one day, see crocodiles and be afraid of capsizing.LOL.. then dinner was at bugis, Liang Seah Street. buffet steamboat. gosh.. someone suggested and then we were on our way there almost immdiately. -___- i didnt eat as much as a could, cos the sight of steamboat food made me full already. wasnt in the mood for steamboat. yeah.. took a bus home after that.

argh! school tomorrow.. T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T







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