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Tuesday, July 24

"eh this shirt so nice! ... ... ... excuse me, how much is this shirt?"

"what size? erm.. buying for your boyfriend?"

HAHAHA!! classic man.. yar lor. yining buying shirt for bf.. hohoho..

CARC project is now gone. hoho. i can sleep now. yessah. IISO model making. T_T how about a giant box of window's vista ultimate?

went to bugis with yining. walked about bugis street. i got a blouse there. then went to bugis to walk. broused through a lot of freaking little miss tees. sick of them already. then continue to walk walk walk.. then,

ning, "ARGH! now i'm thinking of that blouse you bought. ZZZ!!!!!"

jy, "see lah. who ask u dont buy. now u regret. hawhaw!"

ning, "argh! shaddup... ... ... let's go find that blouse again!"

LOL. i decided to change some text inbetween to add some spice to it. then we went back so yining could get her blouse.. lol. she damn lucky still got stock luhh.. went home soon after she got the blouse she regretted buying moments before. lol. the ride home in bus 12 was so freaking long today. usually it'll take me 1/2 hour to reach home, but this time it took nearly an hour.. ZZZ. fell asleep on the bus so many times, and it was freaking cold. good thing i have a jacket with me.

ning, "you seem to like retarded stuffs a lot"

jy, "why not? they're cute what."

. . .

ning, "EH! THIS SHIRT SO CUTE! (another retarded looking picture)"







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