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Saturday, July 21

the only reason why i'm really pissed now at 2am in the morning, is because of my fucking sister. FUCK! i mean screw u.. the freaking room we share does not belong to u. that means it doesnt give u the right to lock the damned door. i try to be nice and call u on your cell so i wont wake the house up. but yet YOU freaking IGNORE AND GO BACK TO YOUR FREAKING SLEEP. knn.. u lock the damned door, and u blame me for choosing to stay up late. FUCK! U THINK I FREAKING WANNA STAY UP LATE COS OF U? i'm not as free as you ok. i've got freaking projects to do, not like u, only got time for concerts. u think i enjoy staying up late all the time. u think i chose to. nb.. the reason why i decided to get out of the room to find somewhere else to sleep, is because of YOU! i told mum and dad that it was because i didnt want the aircon, so they dont have to worry about any shit. BUT ITS FREAKING BECAUSE OF YOU! fuck.

you think you're the youngest. you think you're the smartest. you think because of everything you thought, u'll get things the way u want them to be. fuck no ok. i cant tolerate your freaking nonsense anymore. the reason why i'm giving into u is because of mum. she wants to spoil u then its her problem. not mine. i dont bear the freaking consequences. so what if you're the youngest? there's no reason for me to give in all the time. so what if you're the smartest? u think you're better than me? yes, i may not be as smart as u. but at least i'm not as stubborn like u. so what if you've been accepted by VJ? u think u can get the dog back by threatening mum by calling VJ to cancel the acceptance? all in all, your freaking attitude sucks. how dare u challenge mum with your VJ offer. who gives a damn whether u really dare to call or not. its not like its gonna change anything to make it what you want. did the dog come back? no. i'm sure its happily in someone else's place. WITHOUT THE SIGHT OF YOU!

sometimes i wonder how mum tolerates u over and over again. your attitude sucks so much, that i dont think any other parent out there can survive living with u. ask u go for tuition, u drag until its almost ended. ask u go for piano u drag also. i dont understand what more do u want. u want what, mum and dad give u. and u still ask for more. piano not enough, get yang qin, fine, yang qin not enough, get a saxophone. AND THAT BLOODY COST A FREAKING BOMB! I CAN BUY 4 ERHUS AT THAT PRICE! buy sax nvm. YOU BLOODY HELL DONT EVEN TOUCH YOUR YQ NOW! WHAT'S THE POINT OF BUYING IT! u want this u want that. and u get almost everything. but what do mum and dad get in return? your sucky attitude? you're getting everything because you're clever. u get good grades. i dont get such treatment. i only get things with my own money. or when i really need them. you haven't worked, u dunno how hard is it to earn. and u can easily say u rather work than study. fuck u. go ahead and try working now.

screw you.

i really wonder why i have such sister like u. already sec2, and you're still behaving this way. when will u ever wake up? when will u ever stop giving us problems with your attitude? when can u stop making mum shout at u all the time? when can u ever learn and grow up? you think u'll get things the way u want all the time? think again. i dont freaking care about u anymore. i dont care whether you're my sister or not. i just dont want to care. with your attitude like this, i'll be just fine treating u like a stranger to me. screw you.. you dont know how good life is for you. 生在福中不知福.

not shooting anyone. this is for the bug in my house.







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