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Thursday, July 19

there u have it, pictures from outing. i'm too lazy to upload them one by one, so i thought, why not a collage? not as good as it can be, but anyways, its a collage.. hawhaw..

my life these days have become sadly, rather BORING once again.. projects and more projects, staying up late just to do more projects.. the only time i get out and relax is so minimal.. zzz. coffee drinking sessions are always fun, cos it'll result in taking a stroll.. heh.

so, dont expect much of an update these days. but i truly hope something big comes up, just to break my bored life.

anyways, i went back to the good ol' school with yining yesterday. i went to pass anna her chemistry textbook while yining went to return her long due geography map.LOL. we went to stroll around the school after doing so. visited the CO people, anna got sexy voice seh.. sexier than anyone else. lol. and then it was off to the general office. haha. went into the HOD room and talked to some teachers. ms shek looks so cute luhh.. hahaha. ms abraham was there too. apparently she still remembers me as the one she used to see back in sec1.. -.-

"I remember you, you're the one i used to see when you're in sec 1. i still remember."

ah yes, the good old times in secondary school. i hate to say it but i really miss sec school life. i miss the lemon tea.. T_T_T_T_T

"you like my posters? (referring to motivational posters.) they are all my posters. *smiles."

after the school, it was then off to the usual hangout place, parkway parade. coffeebean again. i did some cmaths while yining did her emaths. wuuuu logarithms.. fun fun fun. but the book is so freaking lousy luhh. typo error found in the answer section.. wth? make us spend so much time on one freaking question. supposedly "IN 2011", but printed as "LN 2011" making us think its lon 2011.. luckily the uncle came just in time. HOHO. uncle cool sial. pro in amaths. woah. -___- yining dont emo lah. horoscopes lie.. drink java chip frappe then no more emo.. hoho







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