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Saturday, August 4

and so, you're back from outer space.

yup. my life is starting to shape up, other than the fact that i have tonnes of projects due, not to mention lab tests and semester tests to prepare. yup. well, IISO assignment due on tuesday, that includes presentation. and yes, in formal wear. of which i dread long time.. WDS final due on friday, good game i must say.. not putting much hopes on it. i'll be glad if i ever managed to scrap a pass. and oh, i got 6/10 for the WDS online test. lol. i was wondering whether i could even pass the test before taking it. PRSP, due in no time, not touched yet. why? because i cant freaking install it.. ZZZ.. oh well, life sucks... PRSP and CARC lab tests on the week after national day. and after that, after EVERYTHING mentioned above, let us welcome SEMESTER test. and then holidays for 2 months.

really looking forward i must say..

kayaking next week with AC. actually i'm just going there for fun, since projects are gone. kayaking again the following week with the colleagues and the rest of singapore kayakers. and then level 1 rock climbing course during holidays.. hohoho. chiong sports again. wahahaha.. badminton anyone?

am thinking of heading back to the office to kill my <2 months time, though i dont really look forward in seeing the elephant there. i need the cash. T_T still thinking. aw man.. i really miss the time when everyone was still at the office. now they've all left and are all back to school. i wonder, will we ever meet each other again in the office? argh! i miss the food at warehouse, i miss the free drinks, i miss ice mountains, i miss the free cabs, i miss mr.foozball, free internet, i miss the ultra high speed computers/internet, i miss sharepoint. aiyah.

"unless your opponent have more money, then we fight for your opponent, hope you dont mind ah!"







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