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Friday, August 10

finally handed up WDS. finally took a break. gosh.. but there's still presentation on monday.. ZZZ.. PRSP will begin tomorrow. yes.

was at the NDP largest human flag thingy yesterday, at the padang. it was quite ok lah. the queue was just ridiculous.. some idiot just went towards the opposite direction, and turned around to join the other half of the queue and acted as if nothing happened. another idiot, blamed us (TP) for jumping queue, instead of following the queue, when he was the one squeezing through the crowd. -.- its quite interesting to look at the way people behave sometimes.. you'll see things that u've never seen before. like the way typical singaporeans behave. kiasu-ism and all. jumping queues, taking a few more goodie bags than what they're given, taking other umbrellas and giving it to the people outside, rushing to the emcees to get their prizes and not knowing how to answer the question at all.. ahahah.. interesting stuff..

the best things that happened was after the human flag was formed. u get to see even more.. we stayed behind to catch the NDP parade on the big screen at padang. after a while, they let in some more people so they could watch. DUMB DUMBS STAND INFRONT OF US TO WATCH, THINKING THEY'RE MADE OF GLASS! yeah. singaporeans dont give a fuck.. and there were a lot of MICs (made in china). one group walked through everyone who was sitted there, and sat down beside me. knocking at me without saying sorry. after watching fireworks and all, we left padang and was getting ready to cross the road. SOME SHITFUCK, PUSH BABY PRAM, PUSH UNTIL ROLL OVER MY FOOT! roll over nvm leh. he removed it and DIDNT FUCKING SAY SORRY AT ALL! he just look look, got it off my foot and just crossed the road without saying anything. i leered at him and whispered dumbass.

trains were packed. roads were jammed. cabs were all taken, buses were sardined with people. i had no choice but to take the bus back. which took almost an hour for me to reach home. -.- i'm not gonna go to places like this whenever there's festival occasions such as NDP ever.. unless i'm driving of course. but that would mean 1 or 2 years later. WHEN i get my liscence, or rather, IF I EVER get my liscence.. hahar..







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