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Wednesday, August 1

i'm so not prepared for the coming few busy weeks, this week, next week, and the following week. it is the time when projects are due, test and lab tests, presentations. RAWR! sianess..

i'm so screwed up lah..

my busted leg seems fine now. i can walk normally. phew.. but i dont think i can run anytime soon. that'll be a problem if i ever want to go AC training, like tomorrow. ZZ got test on friday. so i'm not sure whether to go. but they have this unknown race thingy, so i dunno whether to go, or go out study instead.. T_T the next 2 weeks would be impossible to go. thanks to projects due and lab tests.. ARGH!

i keep facing problems whenever i finish converting my videos. the sound and the clip doesnt match towards the end. SO ANNOYING! i'm converting it for the last time now. if not i'll just leave it alone, and convert another one. ._______.

my brother doesn't seem to get bored of transformers. hahar. now he knows how sickly awesome it is that he has to watch it every night. its a good thing though, cos its a good film, of which everyone should be as crazy as him, to watch it everynight. wait for original dvd though. cos downloaded ones are lousy and blurry. not awesome at all.

i'm looking forward to kayaking. its been a while since i last kayaked. TPAC organised a 1 star proficiency course. no point taking part since i already got mine. i'll probably call changi water venture up to see whether my card has been returned or not. so that i can go collect it when AC's going there. can disturb some people at the same time.. hahar. see which instructor they get. if get ivy then funny lo. can play around with them. lol. yining, prepare to capsize ah. hahaha. not by me though. its a regulation. hahar. BUT you'll never know.. hohoho.







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