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Saturday, August 18

its a damn cold night..

gosh.. i need to sleep.. i need to sleep.. i need to sleep.. i slept at 2am and woke up at 4am this morning.. arhahaha...

kayaking was damn fun luhh.. finally managed to get my parent's consent, and also thank Augustine for persuading me to go. haha. and yes, i went alone. but who cares? i made new friends, and got along quite well.. yup..

the beginning of Friday night was quite boring. sat on the ground to eat dinner, did some dry rehearsals, but after that, everything got better.. mingled around with the group at the nearby pub, got to know some of them better, drank half a cup of beer which was really nice, and then we stayed up playing cards till 2am. then i gave up, took my sleeping bag, lied under the stars and fell asleep, for 2 hours..LOL. then after breakfast and all, we took a bus to kallang water venture. from there, we then started the expedition to marina bay.. met aivy along the way. haha. -_____- my partner damn noob, although she got not much experience, i think she really too noob.. no comments. plus she's.... never mind.. my shoulders nearly shattered by the time we arrived back at kallang, i don't even have the energy to carry the boat. so, go figure.. damn. i wished we could have a boat of our own. double kayaks are dumb. which idiot invented it?

it rained while waiting for our bus. thunder storm.. bloody cold.. T_T we then had to walk in the rain to get back to the bus. i shivered the whole way as i made my way to the bus. every step was torturous.. we then had to suffer some more by taking an air-conditioned bus. of which i nearly died. the moment we arrived back at PRSSC, the girls and i ran straight to the toilet to wash up, then we were all wrapped in a jacket.. i kept the jacket on throughout the day..

went home to put my heavy bag down. was supposed to meet Melinda at 4, to go to shahida's barbecue. but i took a supposedly 30mins nap, which resulted in an hour's nap, thus i was late. -.- slept on the bus on the way to changi. long ride i must say. never take bus 9 to changi anymore! ate ate ate, and as we walked about in changi village, i met one of my partners in crime, TAN YINING! u idiot.. stalk me until changi village.. haven't u got any life? lol..

argh.. i feel floaty 8)8)8).. time to rest my heavy head.. till then, i'll see you fans really soon! adios amigos..







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