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Wednesday, August 15

wtf.. wtf.. wtf.. WHAT THE FUCK!

some friends they are. now i dont see a need to regard them as friends. all happy happy jio me take part in the kayaking event, in the end? ALL FREAKING FLY KITE! bangseh kias.. wtf. all steady steady jio me, ask me faster sign up. and when i was actually looking forward to THIS FRIDAY, they ALL fly kite, "most prob not going ba", "dont like their way of planning, dont go le", "got something on", "too bad, decided not to go", "i got work, can make it".. FUCK YOU ALL LAH! 1 person bangseh nevermind, 2 people bangseh nevermind, now is 4 or 5/all of them freaking bangseh. wah kao.. now i want to go also cannot. cannot go alone. walao.. then i have to beg that poor yining to come with me, ALL BECAUSE OF YOU STUPID PEOPLE'S FAULT! dont want to go cannot say earlier is it? must wait until so last minute then tell me you all not going? how the hell am i gonna find people to go with me with so late notice? FUCK LAH! i've been looking forward to going to this thing, end up all fly kite. fuck.. then if yining cant go, i dunno how to tell my mum that i'm going alone COS SHE WONT ALLOW!

everytime got gathering, i never bangseh, always some other people, i'll at most meet them late. BUT STILL MEET THEM! got one time i end school late. expect me to meet them at night. i dont want to go, but they make me sound so important, must go, if i dont go they cant do anything. so in the end, i give them face, i turn up, and freaking kena cheated.. everytime got sports gathering, i go, even when i'm reluctant, even when i had to go all the way to boonlay. I STILL FREAKING TURNED UP THOUGH SO MANY BANGSEH. and now? i WANT TO go, but they ALL DONT FREAKING WANT TO! wtf. shit you all sia.. what's wrong with all of you? i bangseh u all cannot, but u all bangseh me can lah? fuck you lah.

i'm not gonna go for any gatherings already. i doubt u all would organise anyway. i dont want to freaking get cheated again. its not worth the effort to look forward to something like this, but end up getting stood up like that. i dont like people who asks one out, and not go in the end. shit..

apologies to readers. i haven't been so pissed at anything like that for a very long time. sorry. and trina, i know u'll read this somehow. don't, and i mean DON'T mention anything about this. i'm sure u know who i'm referring to. just DON'T SAY! and i mean it.







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