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Thursday, September 20

i just finished designing the back piece for the blackout tee. hopefully things will go as smooth as possible.. oh well.

i've recently come across a few of my friend's blog page, and realised that they are talking about the same topic talking about the same person. after discussing about it with one of the authors, i then realise how much help that particular person needed. i've known this girl ever since she joined the orchestra. i've known her for all her her jokes, and nonsense, she's always laughing, and running around happily. one of the funniest people i know. but little did i know, apart from all that fun and laughter i've seen of her, there was actually a side of her, which was masked off from her cheerful look. it was hard to tell that she was experiencing all these troubles. troubles with love, studies, and maybe even more. i experienced all those when i was her age, been there, done that. but that's part of growing up, no? it's easy to experience all these, but life would be much easier when u know how to control all these. friends around her were already there for her, giving her countless advise. yes, they may seem naggy, but she doesn't realise that their helping her. what i don't understand is, she knows what her priorities are, but yet she doesn't want to go for it, instead going the other direction. i really wish i can step up to help her, based on my own personal experiences. but i decided not to. because i might just get to see her cry till the cows come home, or maybe just be angry at that moment and walk off. i bet she won't see this at all, but i still want her to know that no one can help her except herself. don't regret your mistakes only after something bad happens.

do u think u'll learn only after u get burnt by fire?

anyhoo. just some random musings. to all the couples in the world, what if you and your loved one are conjoined? hahaha.. imagine what the world would be like.. i would rather stay single.







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