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Friday, September 7

let us welcome Mr.Grasshopper! this idiot grasshopper invaded the study room last night. knowing that it doesn't harm anyone, i left it alone and waited for my brother to come back so that it'll freak him out cos its near his computer. hahaha.. so yah. mr grasshopper sat on the wall like nobody's business.

moments later, another guest invaded the room. Mr.Mantis! omfg lah.. first grasshopper, then a mantis.. and the mantis is so bloody huge! it wasn't in my room at first. it must have flown through the toilet window as one of the toilets is facing the trees and all. my mum was standing near the stairs there and then. fly fly fly, it hit my mum's head. HAHA! and my mum thought it was some cockroach or something. thank god it wasn't some cockroach, cos i'll freak out like mad.

so yah. the invasion of green bugs. my mum caught them and placed them in ziplock bags which i think is damn cruel. but then went to the garden and released them afterwards.

up close of the mantis.

its quite cool to see a mantis in my house actually. u dont get to see mantis' around my area often. this is only my second time seeing this mantis thing after staying here for so long, and that first one was a small one. this one was really huge, full grown mantis i think. heh.. so much for an invasion..







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