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Monday, September 24

ok i give up.. got pangseh-ed badly today.. wtf.. i dont give a shit anymore. what's the use of getting psed so many times? i end up getting angry. worst still, DIDN'T CALL ME AT ALL! ok, story goes like this.

supposed to meet up at queenstown MRT, to lunch with MS people at the office. tell me dont be there too early cos will be late, so i go later. reach QUEENSTOWN MRT, and was no where in sight. called. tell me "oh i'm not going anymore, cos they're having lunch in. and someone( i didnt catch what he said cos i was already pissed) expecting a baby so i'm on the way to CGH." WHAT THE FREAKING HELL! he knew very long ago that they're having lunch in, so he's not going anymore. CAN'T YOU JUST FREAKING CALL AND TELL ME? wth. must wait till i reach QUEENSTOWN, and wait for MY call, then u'll tell me is it? by that time it'll just be plain stupid if i went back immediately.. walao. first u nv confirm the date with the people working there. quarter month end, cannot entertain u their fault is it? walao.. tua me can lah? i'm not gonna meet u anymore. next time i make sure u reach the place already then i'll step out of the house. one day, i'm gonna jio you to pasir ris to kayak, wait for u to reach there, wait for your call, then i'll tell u that i'm not going.. SEE HOW U FEEL. this guy stays in yishun btw, so pasir ris would be a great option, considering the fact that he made me go all the way to queenstown. so shitty.. i think all the reasons he gave were different. i dont trust him anymore.

so because of that stupid incident, it made me go back to the office. lol. macham so extra. jalan, sit down talk cock sing song. everyone thought i went back to work. please lah. i wish i could, not hiring i also cant do anything. "oh we have 2 scanners already, so i think should be enough, so not hiring, only need processing." and then a while later, "how come there's so much back lots to scan ah? its like there's still SO MANY when u left. even back date to april, still not touched." if 2 scanners were really enough, there wouldnt be any back lots.. LOL. aiyah.. let them be lah.. i offered to help with the scanning, they dont want to spend so much on staffs, let them be lor. i rather spend more money on more efficient stuffs like clearing the work, rather than letting the staffs suffer so much. i make a good team lead eh? hahahaha.. one by one, everyone will be gone. oh well, i'll just have to wait till my next sem break to work there again. thank wendy for the pack of chips. its too bad i didn't get to own trina in foosball again. cos meetings were held in the cafe, where the foosball table is located. oh well.. there's always next time. and how come japan always have holidays?







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