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Sunday, September 23

Really Amazing Race - Second place baby!


3, 2, 1, GO! run run run.. i nearly died as we ran toward Aljunied MRT. i dont think it'll be that bad if i didn't have a bite of that Sushi Bun thing. i wonder how the guys in my team managed to eat all of it. one bite of it and i felt damn sick.. i really nearly died as i ran up the stairs to catch the train. i feel damn bad lah.. cos i was like slowing them down. cos i got slight asthma, and i haven't been running, so, yah.. damn bad.. from aljunied, we headed down to cityhall, to count the number of eateries in citylink, then to the war memorial, then to esplanade then to raffles city. after raffles city, we arrived at lavender's army market, and ate 2 bowls of bar chor mee, then went to the streets along haji lane, then went to the place near kallang water sports center. from there, we took a time consuming, long journey of bus 10, to simpang bedok, then to bedok interchange where we had the cheapest mee soto, and a goreng pisang. after everything, we had only 15 mins left. we rushed back all the way to the starting point. we didn't complete all the stations due to the lack of time. left 1 station which was 5 points. got 1 question wrong which was also 5 points, and 49/50 points for 1 mission. so we got a total of 229/240. and that got us to second place. well, we argued our way through with the judges, cos there was a mistake in counting the marks. luckily we noticed the difference. lol. i think we're the most zek ark team there is. but what to do.. LOL.. some teams came back damn early. i think they really ran all the way. but still they didnt win, cos maybe some questions were not completed or something.. so the prize was $200 for the group, $40 per person. damn pathetic i think.. -.-. 1st prize $500 for the whole team, which means $100 per person. $40 and $100, so BIG difference.. like wth?

and my legs were aching BADLY today..

MICROSOFT gathering TODAY! weeuuweet! its a gathering cum farewell for Amanda. 1, 2, 3, AwwWwWwww.. yeah. Amanda's leaving Singapore for overseas studies. take carey my flen, dont let the people there dee siao u.. lol.. only we can.. HAHA.. see u in december ah.. LOL.
had lunch at Mr.Bean's (a restaurant, not the soyabean milk one.). chicken chop was nice. reminded me of the one at TP's Design school, of which i missed a lot. T_T had i nice time catching up with the rest. haha. we will meet again... in december.. :)







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