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Thursday, September 6

since i've got nothing to do now, i shall update on my trip to hong kong. BEWARE though, i've got no pictures yet, so this may be a very long entry, but i'll make use of my summary skills and cut short.

day one, i arrived at hongkong around 5pm. little marcus was there to welcome us, but eventually dao-ed us after a while. -.- went for dinner at i forgot where, then went back to the hotel to check in and put our stuffs down. we then went to some mountain of which i dont know what it's called. took pictures of the night view, and then left. so we went up the winding road, and down again when we left. it sort of feels like you're in the game initial-D when u are on that road, so many turns and all.. haha. the night ends that way.

day 2, my sis and i went to Ocean Park together with a relative of mine and his wife and marcus. haha. saw pandas, rode the rides, rode the cable car, saw tonnes of jellyfishes, underwater world, and watch the animal show. quite interesting. marcus took pictures of really ugly mascots. the dolphin one was exceptionally fugly.. even his dad said so..LOL. the weather was bad. i rained a bit, and then the rest of the day was just humid. really uncomfortable. played a 2 games, and got 2 prizes. game one of it to marcus and then we left ocean park. went for dinner at some place, famous for their pidgeon. i love it lahhhhh.. u should try if u went to hongkong for a holiday :) went back to hotel for the night.

day 3, went to macau for a day. took a boat there and back. went to visit the new casino/hotel called the venetian. damn BLOODY big. the interior is nice too. will post pictures up after i've uploaded them. hahar. took a few nonsense photos as well.. just for fun.. (: its too bad that i'm underaged, i couldn't take a look at the casinos. i couldn't even take photos at places i wanted to go. the security there was quite tight. making places quite difficult to go. all in all, venetian is a place full of boutiques and stuffs. high end shopping centre.. its a place to go if you're a window shopper, or someone who's interested in interior designs and stuff..yup. after the venetian, we went to macau tower for sight seeing. hoho. the glass floors, so cool lah. my mum freaked out the moment she stepped on it, while i was stomping my way around it.LOL. took a few nonsese photos also. heh. we then went to the top of the tower, and went for the sky walk. HAHA! walked out side of the tower, and took photos, with a guide along of course. i got certificate to prove i went luhh..LOL. took the next boat back to kowloon. then back to hotel after a meal.

day 4, went walking around kowloon. took the ferry from kowloon to hongkong. incase you didn't know, hongkong is an island by itself. but kowloon is part of hongkong, so its all hong kong in any case.. went to some music shop, bought myself an erhu bow. went to times square shopping centre. walked about. saw stuffs that are nice but bloody expensive. saw the USB drumkit i wanted but no stock. oh well.. then went for dinner upstairs. after dinner, went down to take a walk along the streets. nothing really caught my attention. so, my time was really spent chasing marcus around. -.- he couldn't stop running, and dancing his mickey mouse dance. seriously, i dont know why he was so hyper that night.. and he sneezed on my arm in the taxi.. -____-wow.. took a bus back to the hotel then..

day 5, last day.. went to some shopping centre called ________ outlets. i forgot the word before the word outlet, so i'll replace it with a _______. heh. shops filled with out-of-season clothes are called 'outlets' (eg. Esprit Outlet, Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet, Timberland Outlet, City Chain Outlet, Triumph Outlet (?!), Nike Factory Outlet, Chickeeduck Outlet etc). that is why the shopping centre is called _______ outlet. haha. Singapore has many food chains with many 'outlets'. so we went into the Esprit Outlet, and came out with many stuffs.. =D its the only time i felt that i have really shopped. -.- the past few days was just mere walking around and eating. i then went to the Nike Factory outlet and got myself a pair of sandals of which i've eyed on since dunno when. i got it for HK$278, which is around SG$50+ there.. in SG, the lowest price i can get for the same model would be SG$85+. i find it a great deal, no? its too bad that i already got myself a pair of shoes before i came here. cos the shoes in K-Swiss is really nice. its an outlet too btw. since i already had shoes, i didnt see a need to get one though i really wanted to get one? anyways, had dinner there and we went straight to the airport. and before i knew it, i was back in sg already. haha..

all in all, i'd say the trip to hongkong was great. other than the fact that i walked a bit too much. the time taken for walking, should be replaced by shopping, but it was okay i guess. in hong kong, u can see 12 7-Elevens within a 30m radius. imagine seeing 7-Elevens everywhere u go, how convenient, making full use of convenient stores. hong kong people speak poor english even though they were under a british colony. oh well.. should i be going there the next time round, i'll definitely target the outlet mall.. hoho.. with friends maybe, it'll be fun, no?







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