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Saturday, September 8

together with a former colleague of mine, wei hao, we've concluded on the reason why we haven't received a single call from my HR and why it's highly possible that we cant continue to work in Microsoft this holiday.

Reason because, my team leader/boss SUCKS!
with this freaking boss around, i guess its impossible for me to work there. why? its because my colleague and i are both not in good terms with HER. why? because she sucks, and i believe i've mentioned it before in my previous post which was eons ago, i think the post was mainly about complaining how sucky she is. yes.. THEREFORE, she knows that we're not in good terms with her, she knows that our life would be so freaking miserable if she's our teamlead again, she knows that since she's such an evil witchy elephant, she knows that EVERYONE in HER team HATES her. thus, she doesn't want us to work for her. too bad for her then, since we're so familiar with the work there, and that she'd rather hire new staffs and waste more time training, so be it. i'd rather wait till i really have a long break, and go back there to work for another boss. no point working for her for such a short period.

there cant be any other reason why the other temp staffs are called back to work in Microsoft except for both weihao and i. i'm not sure whether estee has been called back or not, but i'm definitely sure weihao and i haven't received any calls yet. reasons are simple whot.. no? is it worth everything for a teamleader to bear grudges at everyone's mistake? i mean, just because of a simple mistake i made, means i'm blacklisted, i cant work there anymore? like what the hell.. anyway, weihao said he would call our HR again, and help me ask about it also. if not, i'll just work at some other place. i wont wait anymore.

so freaking unfair.

so if there isn't anything for me in Microsoft, i'll probably end up in settlers. =___= pay not so delicious but oh well.. 2 months break, what can i do? Micosoft elephant dont want. no choice lor..







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