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Tuesday, September 18

well, although he's really an idiot at most times, but i gotta thank my brother for helping me with the internet problem. i can use the net on my lappy now, TEMPORARILY.. he says only in this network leh.. not sure about other networks.. -.-

so yah.. been MIA-ing from the goodness of technology.. had birthday barbecue last friday with the chinese gang to celebrate danny's belated birthday.. thank ky and his parents for giving me a lift home. kayaked on saturday. eddie and her flens went for 1* course, while i tagged along on an expedition with the AC seniors, 1 round around pulau ubin. nearly died after which.. 22km of kayaking isn't fun. it was raining heavily before we started kayaking, there wasn't any sun the when we started kayaking, the moment we crossed the red and yellow markers, the sun appeared, torturing us. damn. the worst thing was, nobody brought any sun block down, which means we had no protection, thus, we all had sun burns. stupid.. went for blackout outing on sunday. to celebrate jocelyn's birthday as well as farewell. wanted to join them again in the night, but the place they were at was too far for me to get to. so didn't go in the end. had appreciation dinner for kayaking event on sunday as well. had time catching up with the volunteers of PAddles @ Marina. haha. walked about whitesands then left. went to sentosa with part of the chinese gang yesterday. haha. had fun. but i got toasted. therefore, i'm not gonna go to anywhere that has a lot of sun anymore. i'm too black at the moment. so if u wanna ask me along, wait for 2 months. HAHAHA!

really amazing race on saturday. all around singapore.. cant wait!







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