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Saturday, September 1

yes, i'm happy that i got to go back to the old school, and met up with everyone i've missed. i love it.. i met up with YIMCHEW the one who stays damn near me but nv get to meet her, MELISE the northlander, ATIQAH the long time friend since pri. school, JILLIAN the one whom i always meet so nothing new, the GUYS of 4B, EVERYONE i knew, SENIORS, JUNIORS, and especially TEACHERS!

didn't manage to get pictures from every other teachers, but i got pictures with 2 of my favourite teachers.. haha.
ms shek, and yining. sorry ms shek, i only managed a C5 for combine humans though u dragged me to night classes so many times. i still hate social studies, but thanks for the help eh. at least i passed with a C5 and not a D7 like u expected.. heh. in yo face, but nevertheless, happy teacher's day.
mr yao and the chinese gang. seriously i don't know since when i've become part of this group but anyways, its about the teacher and not them..HAHA. mr yao taught me chinese since sec1. best teacher yet (and probably in the whole school). i'm not saying that the other teachers are bad, they're equally good.. heh. probably due to the fact that he knows how to joke with his students and at the same time motivate them with his special skills. he called himself 老姚, which resulted in everyone calling him that. haha.. 姚老师,谢谢您的教导,教师节快乐!

damn.. should have taken a picture with mrs chia, mr kamath and mr sandhu who's leaving soon.. oh well.. there's always next time.. so yup. that about wraps up my day in BDS.. went out with the chinese gang. ate billy bombers at the heeren, and then KTV-ed at qingling's aunt's KTV. yah. quite fun lah. one big group of 12, squeezed into one room, and sing till all the glasses cracked, some shattered. oh well. had fun nevertheless..

after this post, i'm off to lala land. get some rest, and then wake up early. and then i'm off the the airport at around 11. flight to hong kong is around 1pm or so. around 4 hours of flight, and then i'll meet the relatives of mine. yeap.. and i've JUST finished packing.. lol. so u can roughly tell how last minute i am. but please donch blame me. i just finished semestral exams and only have time to pack when i came home. time to sleep.







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