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Tuesday, October 2

Hi friends,

I intend to blog this afternoon, but I guess i'm good at procastinating. I could probably take part in a procastinating contest, but I think the champ would still go to some other procastinator who've gone pro in procastinating, somehow or rather. heh.

Seriously, I've yet to find another chart topping, addictive, so nice that you want to keep on watching and watching, everyone's favourite hit series which can beat the current craze, Heroes. I've just watch the first episode of season 2 this afternoon, and it totally rocked. I was skeptical at first, thinking like, how good can the second season be? Considering the fact that every series with more than 1 seasons actually sucked as the contents usually drifts further and further away from what you see in season 1. Take Lost and Prison Break for example. Lost season1, makes you want to keep watching to find out what happens to them. Now they're at freaking season 3, and are still "lost" in the same island? i'm sure they know their way better than anyone else on the island. Still consider the show as Lost? Prison Break season1, the plot on trying to escape. ok so they escaped. what's there to show about in season2 and so on? Since they already broke out of prison, shouldn't they rename the show? I don't get it. What's so interesting about to see prisoners trying to hide from the police every episode? -_- Now that's why my friends, I say that Heroes is the best series yet. Sylar is dead. Or is he? heh. Food for thought. Watch the show dammit.

Other than being addicted to Heroes, I've been having a marathon for Scrubs, the comedy. hahaha. I don't know how to describe this. 3 words for you, GO CATCH IT. I'm sure you'll like it. It's quite sad to know that Scrubs would be over soon. They're already filming the last few episodes for the very last season. I'll miss this show. Dr. John "JD" Dorian, and friends.

Anyhoo, life these days have been real boring. As many of you readers know, I'm terribly, sadly, jobless. But it's ok. I'll get by the boring days now that school's gonna start soon. INTSC meeting tomorrow, I'm hoping i'll not regret going. It's really late now, like 1.30am. I was hoping to sleep early so that I'd wake up early to meet Melinda tomorrow. Seems like that wouldn't work due to the fact that I procastinate my blogpost which was supposed to be done this afternoon. oh well. Though I'm like really hungry and all, I've gotta go sleep, so that’s all for now, Be kind, rewind, Be nice, Let it mellow (only if yellow), Don’t cut lines,Don’t do lines. Peace and out..







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