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Monday, October 15

was watching 摆家乐 on channel 8 earlier on. was kinda expecting bryan wong's side to win. but the results were REALLY disappointing. mark lee turned out to be the winner. not that i'm doubting his designing abilities, but i seriously felt that bryan wong's design was much better. i guess the judges had different taste. i really like the show 摆家乐 always makes me wonder why i did not work harder to get myself into studying interior designs. oh well.. i guess learning on my own is a much cheaper way, no?

anyway, if you're looking for bloggers who type really really good entries with good english or interesting pictures, why not visit Bryan Wong's or Sharon Au's? yes. celebrities of Singapore. haha. u may not know, but they really have interesting stuffs on their blog. i enjoy reading them once in a while. its just some stuff i'd like to share with.

urgh.. i can't wait for school to start once again. 2 months of break, being jobless and all, has been really tortorous. u may think, "2 months of break, shiok what. can slack like nobody's business." yes true, but try being jobless.. =.= i know i keep complaining about being jobless, and not finding a job all, but i have my reasons. aiya.. in anyway case, i want school to start now! speaking of school, i really CAN'T WAIT to know what my timetable is like. i cant wait to know what the arrangements for subjects are like, i cant wait to know which CDS class i'm in, i'm very much hoping to get free hand drawing, or any other design related one. ZZ the wait is pain staking.

my sister is engaging herself in some quiz on the net. fun yet REALLY annoying. i can tell that she's really bored. its those kind of nonsensical bunch of questions where they ask questions which really has no link, and whenever u get an answer wrong, you'll have to repeat all over again.. i really wonder why she has so much patience to do so. lol.

i'm gonna force myself to go blading at SP this friday. i dont care..

hmm.. i wonder why. why am i in the story now? does it mean anything? why this why that? i'm turning emo.. please dont let this be true. please please please.. this is NOT true! crosses fingers..







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