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Sunday, November 11

happy birthday kang jie! you're old!

on KJ's birthday, i went on to investigate further on other endangered species! I must say, i found quite a lot on the species surrounding me. so many of them! gosh...


this species is called Danny. he's giving me the "look". must be wondering.."what the hell is that? that green thing (my camera) looks delicious.. can it be eaten?" lol. like the greenery in singapore isn't enough..

next up! Linda! lol.. this species is really cute. i believe she's much older than i am. one way to make this species smile, just say, "AH MA! lai lai, smile smile to the camera! yay.. good good! nah, give u lollipop!"

next, hong giap! checking out this really uber cool 3.2mega pixel digital camera! "wah, dunno why my cam so cool.. 3.2 mega pix sia!"

he then decided to take it out, test the graphics of the camera, and share with linda..

he started taking photos of my camera, how cute..

but then hong giap, though your cam cam is super cool, donch forget, my cam cam zoom in to your face can even see your pores. heehee...

hong giap then checks out his 3.2 mega pix handphone. yup. 3.2 mp also.. "see!, even my phone, 3.2 mega pix also better than that cam cam i have. haiyo.. "

and then! we have our PSP segment! why is PSP a time killer/addictive/distracting/any type of guy stealing device? we'll show u how in this segment.

tekai playing hong giap's PSP, game sharing with kokyong. "walao, PSP so fun, i want to go get one too! then i can also be addicted to gitaroo like hong giap!" oh gitaroo is fun btw..

lol.. kok yong.. play bomberman with tekai, "YES YES YES! BOMBED YOU!", "EH SHIT! WALKED IN TO MY OWN BOMB! sian..." lol. was quite funny looking at them play.. kok yong, next time i trade $2 with you for $20 lah.. hahaha.

and miss yining, you know what this is? HEEEEEHEEEE.. its was damn good..

and hello kimono girls... lol. saw them walking around PS wearing kimono. i think danny was wondering whether they are male or female, or shim.. lol.. we confirmed they were female only when we walked pass them, staring..LOL.

arcaded daytona 10rounds after that. resulting in a mental block aftermath.. walked to bugis and took a long bus ride home..







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