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QingLing's birthday, Yining's adventure.
Wednesday, November 7

On Qing Ling's birthday celebrating at a suburban area called East Coast Park, I noticed quite a few number of weird happenings on Miss Tan Yining.
Therefore, 80% of this post shall be dedicated to her (dont need to thank me, tee heeee). Do tell me how you feel about my findings. I'd really love to research more on this endangered species. Save the species so that the next generation would have a chance to see it too!

Strange findings no.1: yining is eyeing on the chocolate cake meant for qingling. i believe she was looking for a chance to take it all away and savour it herself.. what amazing survival skills!

Strange findings no.2: since she is an endangered species, she feels that everyone must look up to her, and take good care of her so that she'll be able to see the next generation bowing to her.. so much for world domination..

Strange findings no.3: when she finally realised that dominating the world wasn't really her thing, she decided to learn how to fly.. "flap flap flap.. look ma! i'm learning how to fly the way u did!" keeping the "yining" instincts alive!

Strange findings no.4: eventually, she flew so high up, then she got stuck on the lamp post. she had no choice but to use the fireman pole slide thing to get herself down to earth. what amazing ability this species have.

Strange findings no.5: after dominating the world, learning how to fly, yining felt a hole in everything she did. she was missing something. thus, she took up power walking! "huff-puff, sial.. i can take part in newpaper big walk already, go there and beat the other LKKs!" She was the undisputed champion of power walking since then.. she has yet to find a successor..

Strange findings no.6: after mastering the skills of power walking, yining decided to try something new again, to spice up her life.. she decided to become a hairstylist! so that she can give hong giap a brand new hair cut, to get rid of the hair that hong giap has not changed for years!

Strange findings no.7: like Hiro Nakamura from the show Heroes, yining can bent space as well! i took that picture just moments before she stopped time, i strongly believe she can teleport through space as well.. the skills of bending time and travelling through space has long been lost. research says that there's only one species left who can do this. must be yining. its time she found a successor, so that the skills will not be extinct.

other than the strange findings, i found, scandals scandals! weet.. yining was seen being "in good harmony" with some other species called Sarah. omg.. such an amazing sight.. i wish them all the best in the future! lol.

well, that was all the strange findings i found about yining. remember, when the buying stops, the killing can too! so, please, stop purchasing any type of product that can relate endangering the life of yining. we need to preserve her for the next generation to enjoy!


i was the winner of most talented baby contest. and i'm $1000 richer.. i wish..

and h3'sh sh0 cUteXx w0rXxXx~~! vVv(^o^)vVv








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