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Monday, December 31

ah yes.. the last day of 2007.. what can i say? its really been a hell of a ride.. to cut it short, 2007 was great..

its been more than a year since i graduated secondary school, more than half a year since i stopped work as well as starting my school life in tp.. there's so much for me to say about the year 2007 but unfortunately, yours truly is too lazy to do so..

well, initially i thought i'd start the year 2007 bumming around, lazing around at home.. thankfully, my cousin referred me to this gloriously wonderful company called microsoft.. and crap, i've spent the best 5 months in my entire life working there and i made so many great friends.. though there was conflict between someone whom only the people at MS know, the other people working there really made the rest of the working days super enjoyable.. during lunch breaks or random breaks, there was Mr.Ping Pong table (initially), there was Mr.Foozball (still alive and kicking), and there's even Mr.Xbox360 (one of which is dead from what i heard). with all these luxury sitting around, they made each and everyone of us bond with each other even more.. and i treasured each and every single game i played. ahh.. the good times.. oh not forgetting the game "gears of wars" on xbox360. super bloody game. i remember estee's msn nickname saying, "i like gears of wars, so bloody, wish it was my boss's blood.." i remember HA HA HA-ing all the way when i saw that at work.. we're still as bonded as before since we get together every now and then for sports/ bbq.. i'm hoping to get back to work again soon!

life in TP has been great.. great friends, great club, great teachers (not all) and a great school (wouldnt say 100% great).. i thought it was the end for me when i found out i was posted to the IT school.. depressed all, shant go into details.. but i decided to give it a shot anyways.. afterall, there was microsoft for me to work at.. so half a year went by, and i got a GPA of 2.62 for my end semestral papers.. which i found pretty awesome considering the fact that i'm a real dummy at anything related to IT. that made me want to do better for the end of year exams.. which hopefully i really would.. heh.. my classmates, well, seems like there's a number of groups within the class. although we can get along pretty well (i wont say very well), there's still a barrier.. i hope things will improve once the new term begins in the yr 2008.. for the better of course.. i'm hoping we can be as close as ever for the rest of the other 2 yrs in tp.. and that applies for those in IITSC and any other people i know in tp as well!

all in all, 2007 was fantabulous.. couldnt ask for more.. a start in everything i know and do not know.. love it.. but i do hope 2008 to be more exciting than what 2007 already is.. **** i cant freaking wait!! happy new year everyone! time to reformat the old self, and reboot to a brand new self. enjoy life everyday as if it was your last day. cheers! chinese new year coming!!! 8)







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