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Friday, December 14

i feel great..

was on the road in brina's mom's car. when we saw a kitten on the second lane of the road.. the 3 of us were terrified like siao when we saw cars barely missing the little kitten. the tires could easily squash the kitten into pulp.. taking advantage of the red light, brina's mom helped block the traffic, and let me down. i ran towards the kitten. it looked at me.. i could see how terrified it was.. being so small, on such big space with big cars.. i carried it away.. and it was that small, a new born, just the size of my palm.. i let it go into the bush at the side.. and returned to the car. however, it came out again, and i rushed out the car, to put it back in, and made sure it went into the bush instead of it coming out again.. it was only when i saw it walking in, then i returned into the car.. while on my way back to the car, some stupidified driver at the back, was honking his car non-stop. i'm sure he knew what happened. i'm sure he saw what i did.. but he feels that moving the car is more important than a life.. but oh well i did what i should..

saved a life, or at least i tried to.. i hope it didn't come out again.. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.. hoping for the better, and not the latter.. i could have brought it home, but with 4 dogs, i didn't even bother thinking of it..

doing something good really makes u feel great.. there's a sense of achievement, more of relief to know that u've done something admirable..







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