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Thursday, December 6

it's 2am on a thursday morning, and the magnanimous tee ming has just finished helping me debug my java issues. i might fail my assignment without the help of his. thank you so very much tee ming..

i'd have to admit. i really suck big time in java. seems like whenever something is running perfectly, i would somehow "accidentally" hit some button which i dont really realise until i find an error. zz. take this for example. raymond helped me with A LOT, and it was running fine (or so i think it was, maybe i didn't check properly). then it was still able to run rather finely, except for a few minor errors. but by the time i reached home, POOF, it was bad.. zzz. thus, with the help of christopher, who got the help of tee ming, to help me debug the issue.. tee ming rocks lah. stayed up so late just to help me. the best thing is, i dont even know him that well.. lol. this means that there are really kind samaritans on earth..

now i can hand in my assignment without having the thought of failing in my head. i was really prepared to hand in a half completed work, or rather, an assignment full of bugs. and just act blur as if nothing happened. but seems like that wouldn't happen.. haha..

with OOPG down, i have HOOP to handle, OOPG = java = death. HOOP = higher java = double death.. go figure.. i'm sure u can do the math.







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