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Sunday, December 30

Microsoft shared services gathering!
woo.. went to gio's place at mandarin gardens. met the people at the table tennis room. played table tennis.. DAMN fun lahhhhh.. so long nv play.. omg.. TRINA WE SHOULD PLAY MORE! oh btw, trina started warming up her table tennis skills LONGER than me. i only warmed up for 5 mins or so. then i challenged trina to a t.t. show down.. wooo.. and i freaking won her 2 sets to 1. wahaha.. she together with ryu used to beat me all the time before microsoft removed the table.. i finally beat her! weee.. now left with foozball.. of which she has yet to beat me.. hahaha.. anyway.. was supposed to play badminton with them.. but the rain prevented us from doing so. therefore, smartly, we continued playing t.t. until someone booked to use it.. then waited at the bbq pit for the ppl to send the food over, and fed mosquitoes at the same time.. =.= after the food arrived, i had to start the fire for them since NO ONE exactly knew how.. i'm suprised the fire started quite well.. but it rained while starting, i had to put newspapers to cover the fire.. zz.. but it stopped quite soon after.. then everyone cooked.. one by one, everyone came.. eat talk laugh disturb sing.. gio's son was so cute.. wanted to take pictures with everyone.. hahaha.. had a high class yam seng session with them, using red wine. its nice lah.. then i bade farewell to them at around 8.30 and headed off to another bbq..

bbq at ky's place..
went there straight after i left the microsoft bbq.. was the last to reach lah.. zzz.. but oh well.. ate a bit.. did some catching up with ky.. talked laugh eat smile.. then went to gamble with the others.. well. my luck wasnt with me.. lucky i didnt use my $5 at all.. lost only about $1 plus.. eh wasnt prepared lah.. didnt bring extra money.. so couldnt play much.. lol.. next time must be prepared.. hoho.. then celebrated ky's advanced birthday with expensive cake.. seriously i didn't know we were supposed to celebrate his birthday.. omg.. no one told me.. so paiseh.. go empty handed.. lucky someone bought BONIA wallet for him and shared the cost.. bonia sial.. choon teck still say bo mia (which means no name in dialect) =.=.. luckily it was his advanced birthday.. still got time to get him something.. ky old liaoooo.. lol. time to get liscence.. hoho.. after eating the cake, we went up and gambled more.. scream shout swear cry.. then after a few rounds, i left the place with yining and hg.. took bus with yn, and walked home..

it is a tiring day.. but worth every single minute.. the meet up with microsoft ppl was great, the meet up with long time no see friends was also great.. woo.. i love it..







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