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Wednesday, December 12

oh sial.. the concert of the century.. The Black Parade.. omgomgomg... damn freaking high. jumping, screaming, bobbing your head, waving your hands in the air, waving your cell phones, lighting up lighters (which is horribly old school, i didnt know people still used lighters in rock concerts), 3 girls dancing like mad women, MCR's super expensive merchandise.. totally worth the freaking money i spent..


ok the queue was the worst.. its said that the gate opens at 7, but it only openned at 8++.. we queued over an hour just to wait for the freaking gate to open.. the queue was like the great walls of china, only 1:150.. stupid ryu got the queue jumpers from kim who got it from wenguang who got it from someone, and then jumped the queue, leaving us behind STANDING and WAITING.. tsk.. then we got in after what seemed like eons later.. the seats we bought were so freaking lousy.. kim and i ended up standing infront of everybody, with a nice view of the whole stage. but we didn't block anyone.. cos the rest were standing on the steps..

man.. the experience was priceless.. though my legs are aching, my ears are muffled, my voice is gone, i really enjoyed myself to the max max max square max.. oh man.. should have gotten the tickets for the mosh pit though.. 10 bucks more, and a better view.. damn.. i felt so cheated by the sistic people..

Kim loves to do the power walk (the way aunties walk when they're at the newpaper big walk). she does it to split the crowds, and make way for herself to walk.. she also does that so that nobody would snatch places from her in the MRT.. kim is like super aunty.. bUddeN m0ii iiSh shTill lUb eeU diip diip lAhs kiim.. :) oh and kim wants to re-make and re-live the MCR concert in her own style at her own place.. go catch her.. she lives somewhere in singapore. if u see someone dancing by the window, with a foggy background, and a huge light behind her, u'll know u've found her. please DO give her support..

cmaths was a disaster lah. made some stupid mistakes which i realised only when i came out.. tsk. there goes my distinction..







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