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Thursday, January 31

12.32am on a chilly thursday morning. 2 submissions tomorrow, HEnPl and UIR.. shit..

i've signed up for OLTC.. have you? 8)

i should have mentioned this earlier, but some shit thing happened at DCNK lab test.. spoiled my whole day damn it.. u need help, i try to help even if u never ask nicely.. but u still dare to freaking raise your voice at me and make me give u the answer.. its a lab test for goodness sake.. u can get a pass only because your group got help from us.. freak sia.. try to help, but end up spoiling my day. in the end, never say thanks at all.. dumb ass..

on the other hand, after not watching movies in eons, i went to catch 27 dresses with meli and her raymond.. its awesomeee.. go catch it..

i think some of the people i know are getting weirder and weirder.. hmm..

i've still yet to shop for new year.. walked around takashimaya/ngee ann city recently, but there was NOTHING.. zz.. wasted my trip there.. urgh.. i just need a top luhh.. zzz.

saturday, i'd wish it never come.. 2 dinners to attend, both at around the same time.. 1) Aunt's birthday cum gathering, cannot miss if not i'm screwed.. 2) Damo's birthday.. cannot miss also cos i already told him i'll be there.. aww man.. guess i'll have to use my super powers.. 8)







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