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Sunday, February 3

did i mention to you people out there that i hate java a lot?

did i or did i not?

damo's birthday, well i feel kinda bad going there so late, and leaving only 2 hours later. but i was trapped.. by family, but mainly by my mum. laugh out loud. so happens that 2 birthday celebration was held on the same day, my aunt's and damo's.. so i thought to myself, "not so bad lah, the most i go family dinner halfway then go damo's lor.." end up my mum said, "its family, u better not leave early.." thus, i had no choice but to sit and wait till everything was over. damo's party was.. ok lah.. not say very chaotic, just very loud. and the area around damo's apartment was surrounded by a lot of people. lol.. so the few of us went up to the bedroom to slack and enjoy the aircon, had our fair share of conversations, and listened to jasmine's laughter. wasn't that bad afterall.. lol.

what sucked was the fact that yitian, james and i waited more than half an hour for the stupid bus 12.. dumb. luckily the driver drove fast.. if not i'll be home when the day breaks.. =.=

after erhu lessons today, i wasted 1 hour plus at bras basah, doing nothing.. =.= the dumb rain was so heavy that, i would get seriously wet even if i used my umbrella.. so i ended up walking around in popular, and ended up getting myself a USB hub.. which i need badly.. blah.

the day was then spent lazing around at home, though i attempted to do some java, but i couldnt even complete half of the first class.. i'm so doomed.. to add on with some random musings, my mission to shop for new year clothes has yet to be accomplished. but i've got not time, so i'll sum this up, and call it a mission fail.. laugh out soft..







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