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Monday, February 11

seriously, i dont know what the hell is wrong with taxi drivers nowadays.

it's 10pm on a sunday night, choon, qing and i, wanted to take a cab home, so that we could rush our assignments. we stood by the road, and waited for a cab to come by. after 10 mins, no cab.. we then walked further down the road, after the traffic light, hoping to hop into one. after 20 mins, still no cab.. frustrated, we decided to walk to the bus stop, just in case a bus came by first. in the end, we were on bus 31 back home. why? BECAUSE THE FREAKING TAXIS WERE EITHER BUSY, ON CALL, HIRED, OR TOTALLY FREAKING IGNORED US.

what the heck man.. i can understand is the taxis were hired.. but what about those who were busy, on call, and those who ignored the poor us? were they really busy? were they really on call? did they act blur and drove pass us, or did they really not see us?

in my point of view, i would like to think that, they were buys, on call, pretended not to see us and ignore us, JUST SO THAT THEY COULD START MIDNIGHT FARE AT 11PM! and we waited for the blinking cab for 40 mins BY THE ROADSIDE. freaking taxi drivers.. so scheming.. here we are trying to give them business. there they are, having self-denial, wanting to earn more than they can, WHEN THERE'S A CUSTOMER AHEAD. i tell u, there's not only one cab which drove by us, 4-5 did the same. freak.. taxi drivers are all crazy nowadays.. when u need them? they all disappear ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT OR OFF PEAK HOURS. BECAUSE THEY WANT TO EARN MORE MONEY THAN THEY CAN. then when u dont need them? they'll slow down right infront of u, honk at u, look at u for 5 seconds, before driving off.. stupid drivers.

i swear, singapore taxi drivers are all screwed up.. taxi fare increase they happy. peak hour rate so high they more happy, so rather get customers during peak hours. then what happens to other customers rushing for time during off peak? they get thrown aside, and left to die. stupid taxis and their stupid expensive fares and their stupid attitudes.. they make taking the bus and trains so enjoyable..

its 2.45am on a monday morning. java assignment accomplished. back to prepare for CMSK presentation.







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