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Thursday, March 13

back from chalet.. i MADE myself stay over.. rebelled once.. hahaha.. well, think of it this way, i refuse to pay 50% more for midnight cab rides.. so yeah.. i didnt rebel.. xD

dumb rain lah.. spoiled the mood.. no choice, when it "Stopped" raining, we had to start the fire asap.. then when we finally had the fire going, it drizzled, forcing us to hold an umbrella and cook at the same time..

i seriously hate it when people come to bbqs, only to sit and wait to be served.. i swear.. out of 13 of us, only 6 were doing the dirty job.. while the rest can just sit there, talk cock sing song and eat the food. i wont complain if u contributed.. but some two said something which really pissed me off.. and i'm sure out of the 6 of us, some will know how pissed i was..

i'm the type who thinks this way, u want to eat something, u get/cook it yourself, and not wait for others to serve u. you dont have 20 maids around u to serve u all the time.. at bbqs, if someone cooks for u, its only right if u contribute back.. is it fair if we all pay the same amount of money, but u dont do anything? and we all have to slog it out just for u?

i'm not trying to pin point anyone.. but screw it la..

on a lighter note, i passed all my subjects, suprisingly.. i thought i'd fail dcnk, but suprisingly i didnt.. and and and, i finally got an again A for my cmaths.. though i wanted a distinction so badly, careless mistakes took over me still.. and both the java papers freaking pulled my GPA down the drain.. my 2 electives, dont need to say la, i'm happy with a pass.. but still, overall, i'm stuck with only an A.. and i've not yet hit a GPA of 3 yet.. walao.. sian..







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