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Tuesday, March 18

i'm back from the land of thousand smiles! with lots of stuffs to fill my wardrobe.. time to spring clean which i didn't do so for new year.. lol..

walked like crazy.. my legs almost fell apart.. there wasn't any time to play dai dee at night.. but thank goodness there's starworld and starmovies available at the hotel tv.. my bro, cousin and i took several naps at any time possible, while waiting for the aunties especially.. heh..

all in all, it was fun.. except for the fact that we wasted one whole day at BMK doing nothing but wasting our time away.. and if you're going to thailand/bangkok any time soon, please do go down to the platinum shopping mall, or any other malls EXCEPT BMK.. IT'S A SUPER SHITTY PLACE WITH NOTHING BUT NONSENSE STUFF (unless u're looking for pirated DVDs or some other IT related stuffs).. oh do go to zen also.. though its like normal shopping mall, cannot bargain type, its nice.. damn blardy BIG. there's this sports shop there, which sells QUADBIKES, KAYAKS, AND SO MANY COOL STUFFS.. i finally got myself a drybag which i've been hunting for so long.. its either not available or expensive in sg.. but i got it for only 30 plus i think. woo.. there was so many other stuffs i wanted to get.. but there was so little time.. T_T

oh oh.. and the thai restaurant we went, was da bomb mannnnnn... omgomgomg.. the tom yum soup was... indescribable.. u have to taste it to know what it's like.. and their kang kong there.. wahhh.. heaven sial.. i wanna go againnnnn.. who wants?

anyway just some random musings.. am going to skate this friday, going payco this sat, erhu lessons this sun, next week thursday there's dinner and dance, sat kayaking, then erhu again on sunday. woo packed man.. then on the 6th, kayaking again.. weee..







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