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Sunday, March 30

We Will Rock You. Awesome awesome shit. It's a MUST watch! even if u're not a queen fan, it's still bloody worth watching. there was this joke (some inxs thing) which the audience didn't get at all, and it was damn weird to realize that i was one of the only few laughing at it. Singaporeans are deprived of a lot of shows which are shown in the US and many other parts of the world. but in any case, this is still the show to watch! got to watch it for free thanks to my mum's friend's sister. oh wow.. front seats man. 5th row from the stage.. oh man.. i wanna watch again..

"... they call me... ... Victoria Beckham! ... " HAHAHAHA-ed at this part damn loudly..

i have some more photos to share, but blogger is being such an ass now. i'm not able to upload anymore.. so yeah.

kayaking was fun! went for an expedition, changi to pasir ris, then back to changi. was quite easy getting to pasir ris, took us only an hour, cos we were going with the current. but going back to changi was torture, cos we were going against the current, which took us almost 2 hours just to get back. double the time. zz. we forgot to bring our sun block along. thus, we were sun burnt on our hand area, which is constantly dipped into water (sunblock all washed off)..

after we reached changi, we decided to do capsize drills for the fun of it. eskimo bow rescue, full capsize drills, play catching and capsizing each other! haha. it has been a while since i last capsized FOR THE FUN OF IT. so yeah. soaking myself in water was rather refreshing under the hot sun. so now my hands are lobster red, and my shoulder aches. so fun.. next sunday kayaking again! weeee~

OLTC is on wednesday!







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