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Tuesday, March 4

went to the temple at some place near chinatown yesterday with my mum and grandma. i waited for them as they did their stuff. one of the "Staffs" there (i'm not sure on which term to use), quite elderly, started asking me about my studies, like what school i'm currently studying in. so i told him tp and stuff.. then he started saying its good to be in tp cos its a good school? and then went on saying, must study hard, next time can go uni to study. dont play now cos if not u wont be able to go. must study hard, study in uni, next time can earn the big bucks. u play now, next time cannot even earn enough to feed yourself.

i had to nod my head and say orh as he spoke, cos i didn't want to appear rude infront of him, let alone in the temple.. but as we walked out of the temple, i did some pondering.. what that old man said was rather true.. i go to school to learn, and not to play. i go to school so that i can earn money in the future. well, i'll have to listen to his words, cos the words were spoken from a wise old man like himself. i'll have to study hard..

oh well.. take it as i had some insights to life..

oh a heavier note, my body is literally falling apart.. my shoulders are SERIOUSLY aching (even worse than the time i played badminton after 13403948 years) due to kayaking.. and the slight sun burn is not pain, but SUPER irritating cos whenever i feel itchy, i had to scratch, when i scratch, i feel a kind of burn which is toleratable and not like those kind of severe sunburns. argh.. its still annoying lah.. grrr...

oh i got my sub comm tee.. squeals!!!!

why are u back? what are u trying to do this time round?







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