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Monday, April 7

GROUP HUMP! lol.. the spice girls at their best.

beautiful sight isn't it.. point to note, solid fuels and candle wax don't go well together. at least i'm smart enough to remove the candles before they put the solid fuel. lol. if not KABOOOM! i'll be losing an eyebrow as well..

well, been slacking the whole day again.. school's starting, so boring.

kayaked yesterday. and was quite fun kayaking with the macpherson yec people. haha. damien kena stung by jelly fish. lol. first victim..

tsk. my family is screwed up man. fuck. and i just screamed like crazy at them again, to stop the shouting and screaming, for the sake of the neighbourhood. want to stay out of it, but i can never escape the drama. damn irritating. seriously, i don't know why are they both so stubborn.. one sec 3, still dunno what's right and wrong, her language and her freaking attitude.. the other, 21 this year, still behaving like a 3 year old. like wth la? do i always have to be the one to stop any issue? i must scream before they can stop la? fuck man. gimme a break.. next time i shall let them shout at each other until the next morning.. see whether they still got face to walk out of the house or not.

i've got no more mood to think of anything else to blog about. thanks to the stupid drama action earlier on. k thanks bye.

(Nintendo DS Lite: i'll most probably pluck my wisdom tooth/teeth tomorrow if all goes well. no more gnawing on my cheek!)







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