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Wednesday, April 9

i remember lying on the operating table, having a nice chat with the nurses on how i got my tan and peeling skin, while the doctor pokes a freakishly long needle, painfully into my wrist. the next thing i know, the gas mask was on my face. i remember suffocating on what seemed like fruity smell. i think i fell asleep damn quickly. the next thing i knew, was that everything was over, and the nurses were trying to wake me up.

so i woke up with 2 fat gauze in my mouth, and i think i looked like dracula. my mouth was dry, as though spoon full of sand was poured into it. my tongue was numb, to the extent that it feels super fat. i couldn't talk properly. so i continued to sleep as i didn't see any point in being awake since i couldn't go home yet. after 2 hours of sleeping, i was wide awake. the nurse removed the gauze, and i started playing my nintendo DS.

now the pain is slowly kicking in. the left side of my jaw, is hurting more than my right. and my throat hurts as well (some tube thing inserted to provide air). will be looking like a hamster tomorrow onwards, hopefully not for too long. i'm craving for so many things but i can't eat. saddening.. so don't call me out to eat ah. or i'll throw my 4 big fat teeth at you.







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