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Friday, April 25

It's the end of week 1, and I already feel damn bloody tired. I'm guessing I'm still not used to waking up early again, after like sleeping till late morning for almost 2 months. How I wish I live far, so that I will make it a point to sleep early, and wake up early. urgh...

I swear, the SBS buses these days are so fucked up. It's either they're collaborating with the taxi companies to earn our money, they're lacking of buses, or they're just plain stupid. Yesterday, I waited for the wretched bus 69 to school, for half and hour. Usually, I'll be at bus 69 booth about 30-40 minutes early to take a bus, which usually takes about 10 minutes or so to get me to school, which means I would still be early. Now? I STILL END UP BEING FUCKING LATE.

What's wrong with the freaking transportation companies these days? The cab fares now cost a bomb, the transport fares are also increasing, are they trying to push us to no way out? It's no wonder there are so many youngsters wanting to get our drivers' license, that includes me as well. But then again, getting a license and borrowing your parent's car is one thing. Paying for the petrol is another. WTF? With petrol prices going up to almost $2.50 per liter? WHO THE HELL WANTS TO DRIVE? We might as well drive a lorry, and pay for diesel, which is ALSO expensive.

Ok the point is, bus 69 sucks. I experienced the same thing this morning, which I ended up taking a cab as I didn't want to be late for my tutorial. I then shared a cab with some TP Business girl, as I figured she'll have to wait quite long for the next cab. Didn't really get her name, but had a chat with her. haha.. Ok, now I'll complain about cab drivers. THEY FREAKING LIKE TO CHEAT OUR FREAKING MONEY!

Obviously we were late, thus took a cab, but the driver INSISTED in taking us to the longer way. what the shit is this? He thinks I don't know the fastest route? Want to earn the few more dollars at OUR risk of being late? I told him, "Uncle, can go by bedok north?".. The cabbie was driving at quite a fast speed (within the limit), then he said, "but that side having construction leh, a lot of traffic also, go by that way better (tanah merah>tampines safra route), lesser cars." And before I could say anything, he already passed the turn.. -.- What the hell man.. We reached school, and the fare cost us $10.20. If we took the route I mentioned (via bedok north), it would have cost us no more than $7. Right or wrong? You decide. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who's complaining.







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