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Sunday, April 27

sentosa was fun.. but it caused serious sunburn.. what meant to be a Week 0 freshmen's outing became more of a Week 0 Orientation Leader's outing. damn..

DDR-1 RAMs are super expensive now.. no more in production wor.. dumb.. one shop charge $150, the next shop charge $105.. -.- didn't buy one in the end, because Tekai was so nice to give me his unused one.. heehee.. so now i got a total of 1GB RAM.. better than 512MB though..

MICs can seriously go eat shit.. i was on a train going back home last night, where this lady and her mum (i think) sat beside me. while listening to my zune player, i heard a faint ticking noise. i turned to look, lo and behold, she was cutting her nails. WTF?! her nails were like flying all over the place, and she even dusted off the bits, that fell onto her bag, ON THE FLOOR. oh my goodness.. i was disgusted, and still am.. everyone was staring at her, but she was oblivious to their piercing stares. oh man.. her mum even helped her in cutting her nails, whenever she couldn't cut properly.. what the hell is wrong with MICs man.. they should just freaking go home to where they come from..

just imagine everyone cutting their nails at the same time at the 2008 olympics.. that's damn sick..







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