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Sunday, April 20

week 0 was fun la..

i was posted to GET, a lecture theater FULL of guys. 3 classes, only 4 girls.. -..- and my care group was the biggest among all. a total of 24 students.. but only 1 didn't turn up.. lol. can u imagine how difficult it is to get all 23 of them to play ice-breaking games, when the easiest way to make them talk to each other is just to mention the word "DOTA".. i swear man.. GET guys, know nothing but games.. even the 2 girls in my class are gamers. scary i tellew.. but gaming is one thing, programming the games are another.. so good luck to them ah.. haha.

my class was quite boring at first.. cos there are some who refuse to talk to each other when i asked them to, while the others are quite ok as i didn't have to ask them to talk at all.. in the class, only got a handful of super enthusiastic people, while the others are more like those boring hardcore programmers. 1 of the enthusiastic people damn fun. he's very automatic, don't need to say anything, he'll just volunteer himself at any situation.. he's like one of the best freshie there la..

so anyway.. it was fun la.. but it was the very last camp for most of the seniors.. i stayed back damn late just to see them talk about the good times, about each other and how they enjoyed each other's company during their years in poly.. though it sounds and looks like a drama serial, there's the kind of bonded feeling which cannot be explained. almost everyone cried, even Ivan, who seldom hang out with them, cried like a baby.. i didn't cry, but that doesn't mean i don't feel anything..

i didn't get a chance to say anything to them. cos i left before they even finished with everything. but it was really really great knowing them. though i've known them for only 1 year, it felt as if i've known them for my whole life. i got to know most of them when i joined TBC as a subcomm for the very first time, and that made my poly life in IIT much more fun. after knowing so many of them since TBC, i can even say that i'm much closer to the IITSC people as compared to my classmates. then i joined OLTC. got to know many other people.. all the camps were fun. really.. more fun than any other camps i've been to. week 0 was the last camp to work with the seniors.. OH IT WAS SAD~

i still have so much to learn from them and all. but now they've graduated, i'm guessing i wont be able to meet them as often as i meet them in school.. T.T they've really taught me a lot through these feel camps, as well as in school and stuff.. hanging out with them was as fun.. they're a bunch of great great people, a sense of warm feeling is always there. we all are bonded, not just as friends, but like a family.

i have too many people to thank here. but i guess i can mention one person, Chang Yong..i really need to thank him. i got to know him during TBC, he's a fellow Blackout member. although i'm not that close to the extent that we chat all the time, but at least, we still say hi and chat a bit whenever we see each other. the reason why i'm thanking him so specially was because, i was having dinner with the gang after the freshies left, and he told me, that i've improved a lot since blackout, and that i've become more open, and not the quite person anymore. he even gave tips on how to improve further. his words really boosted up my morale.

i didn't realise how much that meant to me, until i saw the way everyone talk about how each other affected their lives. like i said, i'm not very close to cy, but he still a very great friend to have. and through these experiences with the seniors, i am really inspired to do better in the future. these are the people i look up to, and will always be the ones i look up to. hopefully i won't disappoint them in anyway..

it was really an emotional night. i tired my best to hold back the tears.. like i said, tears didn't fall, but that doesn't mean i don't feel a single pinch. i thank all the IIT and IITSC seniors for everything. i wish them all the best in their future endeavors, and i hope we will keep in touch, and hope we'll meet again. thank you..







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