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Tuesday, April 8

you'll know a lousy nurse/doctor when you see one. urgh.. today will be the suay-est day i've ever had yet. i went to the national dental center to have a consultation on whether i should extract the wisdom teeth on the bottom right of my jaw, which has been giving problems (biting on my cheek).

i was there at 7.30 (at the student clinic(to get subsidy, haha)), hoping to beat the queue, and leave early. but i ended up cleaning my teeth, going through hell given by the dentist, by drilling and poking into my teeth, worst still, drilling and poking at the one at the back which is super sensitive. oh my goodness. and the nurse there, i swear, is the most kay-poh extra geh kiang nurse.. like 2 hands in my mouth isn't enough to make me feel damn irritated, she has to stick both her hands in as well, holding on to that dunno what, pressing it damn hardly on my gum. walao.. that was even worse than drilling into my teeth la.. i nearly died.

then after that, i was referred to NDC, because they said my case was complicating for them to do, as my wisdom teeth was pushing onto my molar, so i must go there for consultation. ok la? put me through hell, make me pay 40 plus bucks then ask me go there consult again.

ok fine. so i went anyways. waited damn freaking long for my number. the doctor talked so softly, so fast, i couldn't catch anything at all. all i managed to hear was that, "you have 2 options, either go for surgery under local anesthesia (awake while they pluck 2 of your teeth) or general anesthesia (knocked out flat while they pluck all 4 teeth). and all the while i was thinking i had more than 2 weeks more since the waiting list was full. =.= after that took x-ray AGAIN, so that they can analyze my teeth. k fine. after he looked at it, i was sent out to wait again. =.=

then i was attended to by a staff who explained to me the details of the surgery thingy. blah blah.. then i was sent to do a blood test.. =.= dumb.. make me wait so long, then now make me walk all the way to the other building for blood test. still make me pay 10.70 for it. wtf.

ok then go there, wait for the nurse to prepare. sit down, show my right arm. clean, then poke. when she remove the needle, i thought she finished draining my blood already (wasn't looking cos i was engrossed with my phone), turns out that, THERE WASN'T ANY FREAKING BLOOD TAKEN. she still can tell me, no blood lah.. stupid.. no blood my fault is it? still tell me, can show me your left arm? wtf.. my left arm was aching from kayaking. then take blood from there can meh. end up, the needle she used for my left arm was EVEN BIGGER than the one she used on my right arm. walao eh.. poke in was of course much more painful as compared to the one on the right arm. she still can press press press on the needle.. zomfgwtfbbq. very fun is it? i poke your arm and press press see whether fun la? walao eh.. at the end still can tell me, "girl, u stay in siglap ah? my sister used to stay there".. no link can..

finally i could leave that evil place after being there for 6 LONG HOURS. i reach at 7.30, left at almost 1. wtf. just a simple consultation take up half a day. stupid.. so yeah. i will be extracting 4 of my wretched wisdom teeth. gonna get knocked out, and go for surgery. and will sleep at the hospital. i'm gonna settle it once and for all.. if i separate different sessions ah, i think i'll be too freaked out to go back for the second sitting. lol.







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