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Thursday, May 8

i'm offended.. i really am, even though indirectly, i still feel quite offended..

i don't see how it's possible for you to make such a big fuss out of it? it's not a million dollar contract to sign.. and even if it is, an average person rushing to sign a million dollar contract WOULDN'T REACT THE SAME WAY YOU DID. Seriously man, i don't understand why would you want to make it such a big deal.

you questioned on how they get things to work. hey, by questioning on how they get things to work, means questioning ME on how we get things to work because, i AM part of the committee. what the fish man.. ya, so i see, your patience level isn't that high.. but they're just photos for pete's sake! oh my goodness.. your face won't disappear from them if u don't receive it! geez..

well, i'm sorry if they're late in sending. they may be busy in their own way which i'm not sure of. but what can i do about it? take pictures of random kayaking people and send it to you by myself? sorry lor, i got better things to do than to entertain you and fret over photos.

and i DON'T CARE whether you're reading this or not.. cos i got nothing to prove.. the way you reacted was seriously uncalled for..







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