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Sunday, May 25

yeah.. my day was great!

was supposed to meet baolin at 10 to head down to CDC to register for driving, but usual me, overslept.. i woke up thanks to ky's sms.. haha. chionged down to her place to meet her.. then took a bus to CDC.. ok.. so she brought me to the wrong one.. i wanted to register under school while she wanted private.. so i sat with her at the admin counter for private school for dunno how long until ky came and told us the difference. lol. so i had no choice but to leave her, and went to the correct counter.. amazingly, i only had to wait for 3 numbers, and took only about 10-15 mins.. lol. everything settled in less than half an hour.. while poor baolin waited dunno how long.. she was still waiting when i was done. HAHA!

so as i was heading down to parkway parade with ky, she texted me asking for my BTT date.. and so she started complaining on why mine was so early.. oh well.. have fun waiting baolin! hahahaha..

and yeah.. arrived at parkway.. ky and i went straight to POSB so that he could get his stuff done, and we entered POSB 3 minutes before it closed. so lucky.. then after everything settled, we went to walk around to see what we could eat since we're both starving.. after wandering around for sometime, we settled on Ichiban Sushi.. we both ordered set meals, and was on the verge of puking everything out, when we were only halfway into finishing the meal.. it was good, but very huge serving.. thanks for the lunch treat ky!

since i had the whole afternoon to spare, we decided to catch a movie at marina.. but there wasn't any movie at the time AT ALL.. we felt jaded.. so we decided to walk about, and eventually landed ourselves at suntec city, where we witnessed a great event, "Singapore Yo-Yo Championships". my brother wasn't there cos he overslept, and he called me an idiot just because i didn't wake him up to register driving together. so ky and i stood and watched the competition for quite sometime until i got bored, (considering the fact that i've seen my brother play the yo yo for so many years..) we decided to check the cinema at Suntec for time slots. we were jaded again as all the movies start late..

so we wandered more.. and went to starbucks to sit, and sip a cup of coffee/chocolate. oh my goodness.. the mocha frap i ordered was so freaking sweet, i nearly became diabetic.. ky's signature chocolate thingy was even worse.. rich chocolaty and bloody sweet.. i really wonder how he managed to finish his venti.. woo.. so we sat around, him talking about his driving experience and giving me some tips. it was quite enjoyable sitting around and doing some catching up..

so we left suntec, he went home, while i went back to parkway to meet my mum and sis. i got 2 wetsuits man.. 1 from my parents, 1 from my siblings. hoho. went for buffet at changi village hotel for dinner.. it was good, but i wasn't too hungry.. plus i don't eat much at all.. so buffets are a bit bo-hua for me..

all in all, my day was good.. thank ky for the treat, thank baolin for accompanying me to register, thank family, thank friends who wished me (more than i thought).







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