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Monday, May 19

yining, here's the peanut right now~

sentosa with hokkien gang was fun.. though the games we played were quite weird.. volleyball was more of ball picking.. frisby was more of catching the frisby.. touch rugby was more of the "huh?" game.. the most successful one was captain's ball which everyone was familiar with. haha. laughed like crazy la.. more tired with laughing rather than playing.. and i refused to swim because the sea water had that oh so refreshing aroma whenever u stepped at the bottom of the water.. yucks la..

i met weihao there.. was wondering, eh shit. how come this guy look so familiar.. (because i wasn't wearing my spectacles then..) so i decided to randomly shout out his name. if got respond, means him la.. lol. so he did.. ya lor. we then played ultimate frisby together with his friends and mine. fun also la..

dinner at the Manhattan Fish Market.. it was so good.. played a couple of rounds of drum mania at the arcade.. wee~ i still can't complete the song dragon blade la.. although i went much further than the last time i played.. hahaha..

my parent's wanted to go for supper.. but i was already in deep sleep by the time they were about to leave. so i don't really know what they did. i was awaken this morning by the noise my dogs were making.. the 2 father and son fighting with each other. wtf.. 2nd time fight until got blood. i jumped off my bed, ran downstairs and stopped the bloody (literally) fight.. tsk..

now i'm in school.. trying to do our projects.. well.. at least we're doing something..







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