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Tuesday, June 17

At long last, BDS 4B, class of 2006, has finally had a day to do some catching up and crapping with each other. Gosh, i really miss them a whole lot. It's been a while since so many of us are together. Though only about half the class showed up, it still felt like a class as it was before.

Hokkien gang, the 3/4 pillars, the chinese gang, the other hoo haa people, and overall, those who turned up are the (according to Raihan) "Famous" people.. HAHA!

I had such an amazing time! All the catching up, all the food, it almost made the expensive $15/person worth it. Oh I had such a laugh~.. We celebrated Vincent's birthday as well. Happy Birthday you fatty!

It was a pity that I couldn't stay too long (which made me miss 45 minutes of Prison Break, grrr), due to the fact that I had assignments to do. I didn't want to stay over at Zhi Min's house, also due to the fact that I had assignments to rush. Blah~ assignments assignments.. The reason why Tertiary education sucks.

Once again, I emphasize how fragile life can be. Rui Xiang has left us so untimely. Anyone around you can leave at any moment as well. I may not live as long as I think, who knows? It's all fated. That's why, you should cherish everyone and anyone around you. Be it your family or your friends, be thankful they've entered your life.







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